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A Modern History of the Kurds
532 pages, 22.23 MB PDF file
A Modern History of the Kurds by David McDowall
A Mountain River
Date Published: 2015
22 pages, 956.2 KB PDF file
A mountain river has many bends: an introduction to the Rojava revolution excerpted from A Small Key Can Open A Large Door: The Rojava Revolution There’s a revolution going on in northern Syria, one that challenges everything we know about government and society and freedom.
Communalism Pamphlet
26 pages, 1.38 MB PDF file
Communalism a liberatory alternative Marcus Amargi & Stephanie Amargi
Democratic Confederalism as a Kurdish Spring: The PKK and the Quest for Radical Democracy
24 pages, 317.97 KB PDF file
Joost Jongerden and Ahmet Hamdi Akkaya
Liberating Life
67 pages, 285.48 KB PDF file
Abdullah Ocalan
Libertarian Municipalism: The New Municipal Agenda
14 pages, 208.97 KB PDF file
Murray Bookchin
The Body of the Condemned Sally: Paths to Queering anarca-Islam
17 pages, 102.53 KB PDF file
Mohamed Jean Veneuse
The Kurds: History and Culture
92 pages, 404.75 KB PDF file
The Kurds: History and Culture By Jemal Nebez Western Kurdistan Association Publications
The life and work of anarchist Omar Aziz, and his impact on self-organization in the Syrian revolution
6 pages, 42.38 KB PDF file
Leila Al Shami
The Origins of Kurds
Date Published: 2012
16 pages, 12.83 MB PDF file
The Origin of Kurds Ferdinand Hennerbichler Advances in Anthropology 2012. Vol.2, No.2, 64-79 Published Online May 2012 in SciRes (