Rojava Solidarity Seattle

Rojava Solidarity Seattle at the 2016 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair

Rojava Solidarity Seattle is happy to announce that we will have a table at this year’s 2016 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair as well as facilitating a presentation, brief film viewing, and discussion at this year’s Seattle Anarchist Book Fair titled “Autonomy in Syria” which will include a look at autonomous organizing in Syria that has been happening both in Rojava as well as revolutionary Syria since the beginning of the war there. We will also be discussing the concepts of critical solidarity and orientalism and how they interact with our perceptions of Syria as we try and support those struggling to build a new world. Join us as we continue toward this project’s goal of educating others as well as ourselves! Our presentation will run from 2:45-4:15 PM.


The book fair is taking place this year on Saturday, August 20th at Washington Hall located at 153 14th Avenue. For more details on the book fair, visit their website at