Rojava Solidarity Seattle

London Anarchist Boofair

Recently at the London anarchist bookfair, a presentation about the Syrian revolution was canceled due to intimidation from a posse shouting "PKK" and "PYD". Rojava Solidarity Seattle would like to state that this behavior is not only disruptive for the goals of mutual solidarity between revolutions, but that it is inherently harmful to the very revolution we support. A very relevant presentation on autonomous organizing, particularly that by the LCCs in Syria, at an anarchist book fair is an incredibly important subject that we all can learn from, just as we feel the same about Rojava. We do not feel these individuals serve as an example by any measure of the revolution we extend our solidarity to, and damage the lines of solidarity's reach itself. We gladly extend our solidarity to not only the Rojava revolution, but all autonomous people's revolutions, wherever they may occur.