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Daesh Attack on Ataturk International Airport


On Tuesday Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport, one of the busiest in the world, was hit by a multiple suicide attack thought to have been carried out by ISIS/DAESH militants. At this time 36 people have been confirmed dead and 239 wounded.

This attack by DAESH comes just 9 months after the horrific attack on a Kurdish peace rally, which killed 103 civilians and injured at least 400. It is nearly a year since DAESH bombed the Amara Cultural Center in Suruc where young people were volunteering to assist with the rebuilding of Kobane. 33 people were killed, and 104 were injured.

In the wake of such tragedy, our hearts and tears go out to the friends and families of all of those affected; and, we know that thoughts and prayers do little to help prevent another attack like this from happening. As long as the AKP regime continues to allow DAESH to pass freely across it’s borders, all people in Turkey will be at risk. Erdogan has shown time and time again that he is willing to put his people into a firing line just to defeat Kurdish independence in Rojava. Now that it is apparent that Turkey is attempting to normalize relations with Russia and the Assad Regime, it is difficult to envision a future that does not involve more of these outrageous attacks on humanity.

Freedom from tyranny to people everywhere. Rest in Power.