Rojava Solidarity Seattle


London Anarchist Boofair

Recently at the London anarchist bookfair, a presentation about the Syrian revolution was canceled due to intimidation from a posse shouting "PKK" and "PYD". Rojava Solidarity Seattle would like to state that this behavior is not only disruptive for the goals of mutual solidarity between revolutions, but that it is inherently harmful to the very revolution we support. A very relevant presentation on autonomous organizing, particularly that by the LCCs in Syria, at an anarchist book fair is an incredibly important subject that we all can learn from, just as we feel the same about Rojava.

Feed The Revolution Update

Some of you may remember us promoting a huge, international fundraiser called "Feed The Revolution" which sought to raise €180,000 (the goal was not met unfortunately, though nearly €100,00 was raised) in order to build an ecology-focused, organic fertilizer plant in Rojava. Well, we recently got our first updates on the project since the fundraising ended. Here is what the organizers of the project had to say in their update:


Dear friends and supporters,

A Brief Historical Analysis of the Tensions Between the ENKS and KCK/PYD

If you have been attempting to follow Rojava and the greater Syrian revolution over the past 5 years, chances are at some point you have heard mention of political tensions between the Kurdish National Council (the English abbreviation is KNC but we will use the Kurdish abbreviation ENKS for the purpose of these articles) and the Kurdish Communities Union (KCK). Just in the past few weeks, we have seen a slew of reports and commentators condeming the PYD (the primary revolutionary party in Rojava which is a part of the KCK) for their continued issues with the ENKS.

Turkey Invades Syria; Coalition Enforces Turkish Euphrates "Red Line" for YPG

Within the past 24 hours, the Turkish state has formally crossed into Syria at Jarabulus (pictured in the map) alongside thousands of Syrian oppositon forces that they transported there through Turkey from Idlib and Northern Aleppo (Azaz-Mare). They quickly took from Daesh what turned out to be a completely abandoned Jarabulus. Curiously, the city appears to have been left free of IED's which is a serious departure from the usual Daesh tactics and is causing some to question the entirety of the situation.

Rojava Solidarity Seattle at the 2016 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair

Rojava Solidarity Seattle is happy to announce that we will have a table at this year’s 2016 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair as well as facilitating a presentation, brief film viewing, and discussion at this year’s Seattle Anarchist Book Fair titled “Autonomy in Syria” which will include a look at autonomous organizing in Syria that has been happening both in Rojava as well as revolutionary Syria since the beginning of the war there.